Posted by: waterworksonwheels | November 29, 2010

Janice’s Last 2010 Saturday Swimmers

Here are my kids on the last day of class!

Advanced Beginner Class

When Tressie (now age 3.5) started with Waterworks On Wheels, she was a baby in the Parent/Tot class. She cried and would not look at me for seven weeks straight! Now, she swims the width of the pool on her front and back. Tressie loves swim lessons and I won’t forget the day she trotted in while I was teaching another class and announced “Tressie’s here”!

“Tino” really does love swim lessons, I swear he does! You can’t tell by his frowny face in the picture above. It was Safety Day, where we ask children to wear long clothing in the pool to educate them about water safety and what could happen (and what it would feel like) if you fell in with clothes on. Tino was not happy, because he does not think it is appropriate to wear clothes in the pool! We understand, Tino!

Yeah!! Riley finally decided he loves to float and swim on his back! Riley always has a HUGE smile on his face and is ready to go from the time his toes hit the water. Riley was another swimmer who started in the Parent/Tot class and is sticking with the program – now these guys are STRONG Advanced Beginners!

Competitive Swimming Class

Charli, Ashlynn and Natalie have been with me since they were babies. They are now 4.5 to 5-years-old and today we swam eight laps (25 meters) in a row. Freestyle, backstroke and breastroke – believe it or not these gals are Competitive Swimmers!! It always amazes me to see children who were once swimming through the hula-hoop in the Parent/Tot class develop into fantastic swimmers.

This outstanding threesome just graduated from the Beginner class. You should see them swim!


Elizabeth just couldn’t get her kicks at first, but now she has GOT IT down and there is no stopping her! And she’s just 3!

Enrique can swim the width of the pool and takes breaths on his own. He just started with Waterworks On Wheels this year and he is 5-years-old.

Alexandra is decked in her cute full PJs. When she started with Waterworks On Wheels this past summer, she was not swimming. Now she can go quite a distance on her own! She is tall, so we have to swim in the deep end with Alexandra – pretty cool!

Parent/Tot Class

My Parent/Tot class is very dear to me. I love to see them improve each week little by little. I am always proud when the day comes that they can be in the class without a parent. Mom and Dad are usually excited about that too! Although basic skills are important to “move up”, they also need to be emotionally ready to be without mom and dad in the pool.

Charlotte has been a prize student since she started at age 10 months. The girl has never cried – not even once! She can go several feet and grab the wall on her own and hang on for several seconds.

Alyssa swam all summer in her own backyard with her parents, so she can swim really far in class and the fall and winter months allow her to keep up her skills so that next year she won’t forget what she learned (or worse yet, develop a fear for the water).

Brock does not love class all the time, but to see him grab that wall and get himself out of the pool has been awesome to watch!

Victoria seemed to always be cold and not enjoy the class the first several times. Mom was worried that she would develop a dislike for the water at home since she did not like the class. Two weeks after our concern, she was swimming like a fish! We are so glad we stuck with it. Mom and Dad come all the way from Phoenix every week for the classes, and they have not missed a single lesson in 16 weeks!! That is tough to do between illness, birthday parties and busy lives!

We are missing Owen in the photo, who doesn’t like me yet but has improved SO much in the past few sessions!

Thanks to everyone for such a great 2010 season with me! I will miss my Saturday swimmers.


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