Posted by: waterworksonwheels | June 18, 2009

Swim Lessons Alone Will Not Prevent Drowning

My mother-in-law recently sent me an article from the New York Times, dated April 7, 2009. The title is “Early Swim Lessons May Reduce Drowning”.  Please take a moment to read it and notice the last paragraph which states “swim lessons alone will not prevent drowning”. Waterworks On Wheels’ philosophy has been exactly that from day one and we preach the same in our daily lessons. There is no substitute for constant supervision; Waterworks is not a survival program it is an avenue which gives our children tools to work with and learn from. Let us give our young children the knowledge and skills necessary to help them enjoy, have fun, and be safe in our Arizona pools.

 Coincidentally, just last week a new client of mine with a five year old that had never taken lessons and was afraid to put his head in the water called me about his first set of lessons. She said “The pediatricians said not to give kids swim lessons until they are five”. Well, that got me all fired up again, and in a timely fashion this article was sent to me. Thank you Jeanne!! 

 As mentioned herein, Waterworks believes it is crucial to provide our children with the skills necessary to react in a perhaps life threatening water related situation and to also understand the basis of the said article; ‘swim lessons alone will not prevent drowning’, constant supervision is 100% necessary.   

 Thank you for allowing us to teach your kids about water safety!

 Click this link to read the article:


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